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Topics Covered

  1. SEP licensing with focus on FRAND obligations, evolving jurisprudence and Patent pools.
  2. Basics of Licensing & Licensing of IPR & Competition Law
  3. Negotiations in IP licensing
  4. Pricing patent / copyright licenses-determining royalty rates, technology fees, Georgia Pacific Factors
  5. Essential features of a license agreements like, patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets-types of license, warranties. Governing laws and jurisdiction etc.
  6. Lessons from licensing of university IPR- ownership and sharing of IPR, background IPR, burden of maintaining and prosecuting IP supported by some case studies
  7. Taxation and IPR licensing
  8. Licensing provisions in the Indian IPR laws
  9. Licensing of IPR & Competition Law
  10. Growing contribution of licensing to the global economy
  11. Franchising and licensing of trademarks and brands- terms and conditions (royalty, fixed payment), responsibilities of the licensee and the licensor

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