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India is galloping towards a Rs 35 lakh crore ($ 5 trillion) economy and likely to achieve the goal in the next 5 years which calls for multiplying technological and scientific capabilities across industries, institutions and government by an order of magnitude. Government policies, legal framework and judiciary have to respond to new needs and challenges. Technological leadership will be at the centre stage which will be strongly driven by leadership in intellectual property. The challenges are across industries including engineering, pharmaceuticals, information technology, transportation and so on, each experiencing new opportunity. Inventions are happening at a rapid pace to handle big data for almost infinite number of applications. Development of various new tools, be it software or hardware, is impacting the technologies in a big way. Artificial intelligence, IOT and machine learning may turn out to be single largest factor in this race. There is a need for paradigm shift in how we look at these capabilities for the purpose of awarding patents and other IPR.

45% of total R&D expenditure in India comes from the central government and 38% from the private sector which go on to contribute about 0.8% of GDP which is much lower than what has been achieved by developed countries. There is a classical dichotomy between public interest and private interest which has influenced governments in arriving at a balance. Agility and dynamism to align with speed and complexity of changes and nature of emerging technologies are now crucial. Facilitating sharing of IP rights between academia and industry to encourage industry and academia to come forward to join hands is crucial and important.

Counterfeiting of trademark and piracy of copyrighted products have become a point of concern for IP holders in all countries including India. Industry loses considerable revenue due to counterfeiting as brought out by many studies. Stake holders and enforcement agencies are coming together in multiple ways to fight out counterfeiting and piracy.

IPR are emerging as a new form of asset requiring quite a different treatment than what is known in respect of other moveable or immoveable assets. Globally, it is known that intangible assets have much value than the tangible assets and the trend has been seen over the last decade or so. IPR are intangible assets and are not usually recognized as bankable assets in India. As research becomes competitive it is essential to launch research and produce results which needs large funds.

CII has been closely and actively engaged with IPR policy making, advocacy, awareness and services for many years now. It has taken many new initiatives in the recent past through its National Committee on IPR. It has been watching the global development in the IPR space including laws, technologies, policies, international discourses and geo-political scenario. Through this edition of annual conference, CII presents discussions and opinions of leaders for dealing with new and complex challenges in the IPR domain.

To discuss this issue and ways to correct this practice, CII is organizing the 5th International Conference with the theme Innovation and IP-led Technology for a $5 Trillion Economy on 3-4 December 2019 at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi. On this occasion, the fifth edition of CII Industrial IP Awards would also be given.

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5th CII Intellectual Property Awards
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