The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for past 15 years has been working towards strengthening the Intellectual Property (IP) eco-system in country. In order to create an appreciation for IPR and expand its protection among Indian industry, CII keeps on taking regular and structured initiative through the CII National Committee on IP. The committee guides, steers and directs the efforts in fostering IPR culture and works closely with Govt of India.

This year the CII IP Committee is focusing on the theme of – 'Business Growth Through IP Intensive Industries for Inclusive Growth'.

The IPR is set to be a predominant driver for growth of trade, technology, science, and economy of India. IP issues would be crucial in key domains like Industry4.0, Smart manufacturing and emergence of India as an alternate Supply chain destination. There are also concerns related to human development and rise in innovation and IPR will play an important role in dissemination, adoption and generation of technologies in these industries.

To deliberate on these issues of critical national importance, CII is organizing the Virtual, 7th International Conference on IPR with the theme of "Maximization of IPR for Growth and Development" on 26 November 2021.On this occasion, the seventh edition of CII Industrial IP Awards would also be given.

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