// CII - Intellectual Property

1st batch starting in the month of August 2024


Intellectual Property Valuation

Intellectual Property Licensing

Specialized topics for IPR and finance professionals

Program On

Advance Professional Training on IP valuation and licensing Value IPR 2.0

The Program

  1. The program is grounded in a distinctive IP model that is tailored to align with the strategic and commercial requirements of business.
  2. Boasting an esteemed international faculty from globally recognized institutions
  3. Offered in a format that allows you to learn while being able to maintain work, family and social life
  4. Sponsoring companies can anticipate a tangible return on investment as their employees undergo the program, resulting in heightened motivation and enhanced professional capabilities
  5. The curriculum is structured to facilitate profound learning experiences, incorporating in-depth study, hands-on exploration, and interactive discussions with fellow practitioners.
  6. Participants will acquire potent techniques applicable to their respective domains, ensuring practical and impactful insights.

International and National Masters 2024

Program Benefits

Globally Renowned
Advance Certificate of Course Completion
Direct Interaction With Faculty
Study Material

Weekend Course
Participant Interaction
Session Recordings
Practical Case Studies

Significant Advantages for Participants

  1. A program based on a unique model of intellectual property that adapts to strategic and commercial aspect of business needs.
  2. International faculty from world renowned institutions
  3. Offered in a format that allows you to learn while being able to maintain work, family and social life
  4. Sponsoring companies will see a return through more motivated employees.
  5. Learn powerful techniques through in-depth learning, hands-on exploration and discussion with your fellow practitioners
  6. As internal valuation of IP assets
  7. Concept of creating new revenue stream
  8. Tentative Couse time would be 40 – 60 hours.
  9. The course would be 3 months course.

Expected Outcome

  1. Better understand Intellectual Property valuation and licensing approaches
  2. Foster an environment that encourages economic thinking of valuation and licensing approaches
  3. Develop ability to determine royalty in IPR licensing
  4. Promote commercialization of Intellectual Property

Who can attend

  1. IPR professionals practicing in Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade secrets, Contracts field.
  2. IP heads and experts in companies
  3. Representatives of law firms
  4. Representatives of KPOs
  5. Finance professionals like Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Finance Officers, etc.
  6. R&D Managers in companies & research institutions
  7. Faculties from academics
  8. Technology transfer professionals
  9. Licensing managers

Fee Structure

Large Enterprises and Law Firms or individual IP Professionals Small, Medium Micro Enterprises Start-ups
Rs. 75,000 + 18% GST
(Total Rs 88,500)
Rs. 60,000 + 18% GST
(Total Rs 78,800)
Rs. 40,000 + 18% GST
(Total Rs 47,200)


  • More than Two participants registration: 5% Discount on overall fee
  • Group of Five participants registering from same organization: 15% Discount on overall fee
  • Extra 5% Discount for the participant of the organization who have participated in the Value IPR 1.0

Session will be hosted on Zoom/ Webex platform integrated with Geko.

For more details please contact:

Ms. Nabanita Mukherjee, Director
Email: nabanita.mukherjee@cii.in, +91 9910209252
Mr. Shwetabh Raj, Associate Counsellor
Email: shwetabh.raj@cii.in, +91 9565917648